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20 May 2009 01:55 dmair

I've lost count of the number of times RIP has allowed me to save a friend's Windows system!

08 Feb 2009 17:48 florinicafarafrica

I love this project !
Sorry to hear that's the last R.I.P release ...

I use it with a small twist:

boot only from network

gpxe loads from url kernel + initramfs and one network module,

httpfs mounts a ripx iso

initramfs has only busybox,init,fuse, httpfs , libraries and links to all other files mounted by httpfs, so I have fast boot time and get the rest on demand.

I saw Slax is getting this path so I must learn how to do those modules...:((

Please keep alive this project !

21 Aug 2008 18:13 xerces8

Mirror broken
The listed mirror site is broken or very very out of date.



26 Oct 2005 06:33 llmmix

i like RIP
It help me alot. especially, turn debian into lfs-debian. ;)

06 Apr 2005 10:47 DonBaggarly

Re: Great set of tools

> No sysadmin should be without both the

> floppy and CD versions of this toolbox.

Cany you tell me if we can use this to make an image of servers to clone that are using scsi raid?

03 Mar 2005 12:38 LGee

Re: Great set of tools
What's more, it has all the necessary documentation onboard. There is a possibility to add Slackware packages. The developer's site seems more up-to-date, RIP 11.6 is already available. RIP has a one-floppy version, and one which includes a FreeBSD and a Linux rescue system together in a single ISO. The pendrive install script is self-explanatory and it can be run both from DOS and Linux. Thank you!

18 Aug 2004 22:17 pixl97

Re: Great set of tools
It should also be noted that scripts are included to make a the CD image bootable from an USB key, I've found this to be indispensable.

15 Jun 2003 08:04 bgarlock

Great set of tools
No sysadmin should be without both the floppy and CD versions of this toolbox.


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