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Release Notes: This release adds numLinks and numRelativeDirectoryParts members to recls_entryinfo_t, a RECLS_F_LINK_COUNT flag, Recls_GetErrno(), Recls_ResultCodeToUnixErrorCode(), Recls_ResultCodeToWindowsErrorCode(), and 64-bit compatibility (currently Windows-only), removes the RECLS_RC_WRONG_ENTRY_TYPE status code, adds RECLS_RC_ENTRY_IS_DIRECTORY and RECLS_RC_ENTRY_IS_NOT_DIRECTORY, fixes RECLS_FAILED() (C-definition) and Recls_Stat(), copes with a search directory surrounded by quotes, adds a GCC 4.5+4.6 makefile, is bundled with shwild 0.9.19 and xTests 0.16.2, and depends on STLSoft 1.9.111.

Release Notes: This release adds the new get_file_size() method to the recls::entry class, and deprecates the size() method. It adds the "patterns" property to recls::recls_exception. It also fixes defects that prevented full wide-string compilation. Note that this release bundles shwild 0.9.19 and xTests 0.16.1, and depends on STLSoft 1.9.101.

  •  05 Apr 2010 00:19

Release Notes: This release fixes invalid calculation in stat(), fixes a path-relativity defect, and ensures widestring compatibility throughout the C++ API. It bundles shwild 0.9.19 and xTests 0.15.1, and depends on STLSoft 1.9.97.

  •  11 Feb 2010 00:52

Release Notes: This is a substantial reworking of the implementation, with several changes to the API. The distribution includes C++ mapping, bundles xTests 0.14.4, and depends on STLSoft 1.9.91 (the C++ mapping also depends on STLSoft 1.10 alpha).

  •  12 Jan 2010 09:43

Release Notes: This release includes fixes for several minor defects in get_search_relative_path(), string access shims, and no-namespace compatibility, and laid preparatory groundwork for the next version. STLSoft 1.9.88 is required.

  •  08 Jun 2008 21:56

Release Notes: This release clears up a bug in the definition of atomic integer types on Mac OS X. Unicode (UTF-16) variants of the core library and examples are also provided in the build for VC++.

  •  08 Jun 2008 16:28

Release Notes: 64-bit Windows compatibility was added. A bug in Recls_DeriveRelativePath(), triggered when the origin path is the empty string, was fixed. Unit tests for path combining, path squeezing, and deriving relative paths were added. This release relies on STLSoft 1.9.45 or later.

  •  07 Oct 2007 08:06

Release Notes: This release adds fixes to correct handling of the home directory on Unix and other fixes for Unix 64-bit compilation.

  •  02 Jun 2007 14:27

Release Notes: In the core, Recls_SearchFeedback() (and, hence, Recls_Search()) was fixed for the case when both searchRoot and pattern are NULL; general fixes were made for Unicode compilation. In recls/C++, fixes were made to namespace-exports for shims for Recls::Entry class. In recls/STL, general fixes were made for Unicode compilation.

  •  16 Apr 2007 01:52

Release Notes: One change was made to the recls/Ruby mapping: Recls::combinePaths can now accept either or both of the two path (fragment) parameters as Recls::Entry instances. For the left-hand parameter, the instance will be converted to a string via the "Recls::Entry.path" attribute. For the right-hand instance parameter, the instance will be converted to a string via the "Recls::Entry.searchRelativePath" attribute. This provides significant simplification (and convenience) in client code when working with source and destination directory hierarchies.


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