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RearSite is a simple collaborative Web site manager. It has been designed with security, ease of use, and interoperability with existing information services (LDAP directories) as main goals. RearSite allows users to download documents at a glance but also to control who is allowed to retrieve the published documents. Collaborative tools may be added on a directory basis (one forum, one chat and one shared calendar per directory).


Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2002 12:01

    Release Notes: This version fixes some bugs and adds minor enhancements.

    •  20 Feb 2002 16:50

      Release Notes: A per-directory statistics feature has been added. The statistics are produced by the analog log file analyser (which is automatically installed and configured).

      •  09 Jan 2002 16:09

        Release Notes: A project login feature was added. This is only available for sites using LDAP to authenticate users. This feature allows people to share a project login. Each user of a project needs to match a LDAPURL found in the project descriptor. Each project can be attached to many LDAPURLs, allowing accounts to be shared by people from scattered LDAP directories.

        •  08 Nov 2001 16:50

          Release Notes: Users who present a welcome X509 certificate without entering any login (name and password) are now trusted. This requires OpenSSL and mod_ssl to be installed. The welcome certificates must contain a SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_Email, since it is necessary to look for a valid user. HTTPS may also be used to secure communications (with only a certificate for the server).

          •  06 Sep 2001 15:02

            Release Notes: The quiz editor and the user interface were enhanced.


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