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24 Feb 2000 21:35 redfyre

Realplayer G2 status
Near the end of 1999, I received the following message from real customer support . . . not too promising considering version 7 is already on its way out for win/mac.

Hello Dave,

Thanks for contacting the RealNetworks Technical Support Team.

RealNetworks has released only the Windows 95, 98 and Windows NT versions of
the RealPlayer G2 release.

Please note that we are working on versions of the G2 RealPlayer for various
flavors of UNIX. These versions will be available at a later date. Please
continue to watch our website for announcement of their availability.

Unfortunately, we only made the Alpha G2 Linux Player available for Testers
only via our Developer's Zone. It is no longer open. It is an unifinshed
product and is not fully supported by Technical Support.

We should have a full G2 Beta release sometime either at the end of this year,
or sometime next Quarter. We shall begin support for the player G2 for the UNIX
systems then.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Player G2 alpha, please
contact the following address,

Please feel free to respond to this message if you require further assistance.

Suresh R Kumar
Aditi Corporation
RealNetworks^ Authorized Support Provider

11 Feb 2000 16:28 aurag_h

Where is the stable version
Anyone has any news concerning real plans to release a 1.0 version?

Is this thing still developed?

It's been a long while now

05 Feb 2000 20:49 rek0il

Netscape plugin for G2?
There doesn't appear to be a plugin for the G2 Alpha. Has anyone tried keeping the 5.0 plugin installed? If there /is/ a G2 Netscape plugin, where might one find it?

03 Dec 1999 16:06 justinross

Buffering With Real G2
I'm assuming that the buffering is broken in the Alpha release... Anyone know if this is true? Or is this a personal problem ;)


18 Oct 1999 14:10 bradsjm

The above comment was a posting of an EMAIL I got from RealNetworks. I DID NOT SEND IT - I DON'T WORK FOR THEM SO DON'T EMAIL ME WITH YOUR QUESTION!

17 Oct 1999 21:52 petrack

v.99092901 -- horrible audio on Dell Inspiron 7000
The rpm G2player-6.0-0.99092901 gives horrible audio on
a Dell Inspiron 7000. I'm pretty sure that the problem is that
the Dell Inspiron only supports 8-bit audio. I am guessing that
the "disable 16-bit audio" button in the preferences is broken in the current G2 alpha.

Please send me mail if you know a work around ( In principle, it should not be too hard to make the sound driver do the conversion.

Real developers -- please remember that there still are otherwise
decent laptops with 8-bit sound. Thanks.

29 Sep 1999 22:13 bradsjm

Email from Real Networks

We're sorry that a current RPM of the RealPlayerG2 for linux was
temporarily unavailable. At this time a new RPM is being uploaded and
should be available in a couple of hours.

The name of the new RPM is G2player-6.0-0.99092901.i386.rpm. If you
attempt to download the RPM and get the previous version, please wait and
try again.

To install the new rpm, we recommend removing the old version using
rpm -e G2player-6.0
and then installing the new by doing
rpm -i G2player-6.0-0.99092901.i386.rpm

or, you may just do
rpm --freshen G2player-6.0-0.99092901.i386.rpm

These steps will need to be performed as root.

Once again, we appreciate your patience in this matter, and apologize for
any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you,
Peter Godman
Technical Lead
RealNetworks, Inc.

29 Sep 1999 03:39 jmm1

G2 Alpha player expired !!
It seems that G2 alpha player version has expired without any release of a definitive version. Right now the only solution seems to go back to the 5.0 player ! Any other ideas ??

04 Sep 1999 10:00 patryk

RealPlayer playback too fast
Audio playback on my system is a few times too fast -- has anyone else had this problem? (It plays the sound too fast, then claims "net congestion" and has to pause to load the data to keep up with itself.)

23 Aug 1999 00:41 zuhalter

Work Around for rvplayer 5.0

A fix for the major problem in rvplayer 5.0 regarding audio playback is available here ( in both source and shared library form. Fixed my problems on a slack 4.0 system without an issue.


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