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26 Jul 2000 21:12 ptolemy

Linux 2.2 version removed?
I just followed the URL above and did not find anything along the lines of a beta for 2.2. Did Real yank support for the latest kernels?

13 Jun 2000 06:15 spineboy

Newbie Help Here -I made RealPlayer7.0 work with Netscape
I added a new application under navigator in the prefs section as such
Description doesn't matter
MIMEType audio/x-pn-realaudio
Suffix .ram

Application /usr/bin(orwhatever)/realaudio %u

(you need the %u to get the streaming to work)

27 Mar 2000 17:03 redfyre

RPM or non-RPM
In previous versions, I have noticed several differences between the rpm and non-rpm versions of RealPlayer. For example, the rpm version of 5 and G2 would always quit working after 1 hour of playback. With G2, the rpm and nonrpm versions even had a different look.
Any comments on which version works better?

24 Mar 2000 12:51 ptolemy

Software Expiration
Yes, software expiration is a bad thing.

But you forget - you're using BETA software. Typically beta software expires so that you're not using old code... or commercially licensed software that you're using for free.

I would fully expect beta software to stop working after a set period of time. In fact, you were TOLD this when you installed the software.

Or don't you remember this?

23 Mar 2000 11:33 ndimitro

Forcing Users into Submission
I had the real player version before 7.0 installed on my system (I think this is G2... right?). One fine day, when I went to run it, it would not run and just output a message "This version has expired, please download a new one from" I don't know about you guys, but this really gets on my nerves. Why should I be forced into upgrading? RealNetworks makes a nice product, but come on, give the user some freedom. We (or at least, I) do not like to be hurded like sheep! If I did, I would be using Windows.

22 Mar 2000 00:08 sandymacjr

Greg@real to the rescue
someone named Greg at Real noticed my post about video not updating when using esd and emailed me the fix.

Worked for me, hope it helps.

14 Mar 2000 16:43 sandymacjr

Real Player 7 and ESD
Anyone else having problems where the screen doesn't update when you use RealPlayer 7 with ESounD?

14 Mar 2000 05:35 barsnick

A real improvement
I must admit, I was quite sceptical. RealPlayerG2-6.0 never made it past a very shaky beta version. I had a look at version 7.0 yesterday and was quite pleasantly surprised about its functionality and speed (I have a 100MHz Pentium I).The planned functionality (see the various "Help" menues) sounds promising (although there are currently better players for most stuff): AU, WAV, MP3, Real audio; AVI, MPEG, Quicktime(4??), Flash, Real video. Due to the many licenses RealNetworks has, perhaps we'll finally get something which can play e.g. the Sorenson Codec.(At the time being, AVI, Quicktime and MPEG don't work yet; Flash plays only some animations, and all of them without sound on my machine; any audio (but RealAudio) is better with command line tools ;-))

13 Mar 2000 09:40 e7

realplay 7.0 beta for Linux -- finally!!
Maybe that post about the open-source RealPlayer clone got somebody's attention. :-)

Just installed from RPM and it works great -- I can seek randomly within 13-minute SMIL presentation without hanging! Preferences even has OSS/ESD option now.

Only problem so far is that the Netscape plugin, rpnphelper, prints "BOO!" and coredumps ... the readme file says it doesn't handle URL events ... !?? Oh well, at least we still have Plugger.

25 Feb 2000 02:37 hebble

Realplayer clone needed
The Realplayer client for Linux wasn't all that great to
begin with; if they're not even maintaining it anymore, a
clone would be even more valuable. Are there any such
efforts in progress? Would a Realplayer clone even be
possible? I don't imagine they've released enough info to
make it EASY...


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