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This is a simple program to read a string of text from the user. The difference between this program and the bash builtin "read" command is that this program allows you to specify text that will be initially placed into the input edit buffer. That is, you can specify "default" input text that has been "pre-typed" for the user.

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  •  28 Jun 2006 15:54

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    06 Jul 2006 16:50 fake666

    Re: why not use...
    i understand and totally agree ;)

    28 Jun 2006 18:09 kpulo

    Re: why not use...

    > read -p "prompt" ?

    Because that only sets the prompt, which is not enough. I want a default value provided in the input area, to save me from retyping that value.

    For example, when I hit enter after typing:

    mv readpreprompt.c

    I want a readline input line, but I want the text "readpreprompt.c" to already be in the input buffer. That way, I can just type ".old" followed by enter, to "rename" the file "readpreprompt.c" to "readpreprompt.c.old". Or I could hit ctrl-a followed by "OLD", etc. The alternative to this is to fully type out the command "mv readpreprompt.c readpreprompt.c.old", which I get sick of doing, especially for long filenames. Using tab completion can help, but it's still a pain when there are a lot of similarly named files.

    Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there is no option for bash's builtin "read" command which sets the default input text, even in bash 3.1. Ideally, I would like to be able to do something like this:

    read -e -p "New filename: " -i "$1" fname

    where the -i indicates the "initial" text to be provided to the user. This would be perfect, but it does not exist. At some point soon I hope to take a look at the bash source and see about adding this functionality, which shouldn't be too hard.

    28 Jun 2006 15:49 fake666

    why not use...
    read -p "prompt" ?


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