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  •  02 Sep 2003 13:32

Release Notes: Improved windowing, beginning of explorer.exe replacement, performance enhancements for the VGA driver, more work on NDIS, and improved partitioning/formatting of the usetup.exe install program.

  •  10 Jul 2003 14:20

Release Notes: The new release features many improvements (see for a summarized changelog). Basic Java (console and AWT)/Mono (console) apps can run, several 3rd-party video drivers for Windows NT 4 can run, and many other improvements were made.

  •  30 Mar 2003 12:15

Release Notes: The kernel has I/O improvements and registry improvements, HalExamineMBR() detection of disk managers, initial work on I/O completion, and support for Ontrack Disk Manager. Win32k has support for VMware video drivers, the MS VGA driver, the MS VGA driver under VMware, 8-bit and 32-bit displays, an "X" close button, and window positioning functions. Csrss has more console functions. Usetup has an Inf parser and importing of default registry settings from .inf files. User32 has a Win 95/NT/4/5 Windows look. Kernel32 supports images with a native subsystem ID. Boot problems with floppies have been fixed. Mouse button handling has been improved.

  •  05 Feb 2003 09:45

Release Notes: ReactOS can now be compiled on ReactOS. Support for booting from CD was added. Support for ISA/PCI in the HAL was improved. MSCV apps now work. VFatFS performance enhancements and fixes for large FAT32 partitions were made. File locking was implemented. Caching fixes were made. The NTVDM subsystem was improved. GDI object locking and DC improvements were made. A kernel profiler was implemented. A service control utility and an installer utility were added. The Scsiport driver now builds a hardware device map for each SCSI device. ATAPI now has 32-bit and multi-sector I/O support. Console improvements were made. Binary and Unicode file I/O was added in MSVCRT.

  •  02 Nov 2002 01:01

Release Notes: In the kernel, work was made on the ACL & SD functions, memory management, cache, object manager, and IO. The subsystem saw improvements to regions and clipping, object cleanups, bitmap loading, callbacks and messaging, mouse messaging, console improvements, and initial VDM code. The libraries now feature non-client painting, bitmap loading, improved kernel32 process code, many of the ComXX exports, PSAPI work, and control panel applets. There were improvements to VFAT, the PCI Bus Master Controller, VGA, CDFS, and NDIS/NE2000, a setup application, fixes for MingW, and work on structured exception handling.

  •  09 Aug 2002 20:43

Release Notes: KERNEL:Token, registry, thread, binary/play tree, hash, commandline, and performance improvements, DRIVERS:Floppy, VFAT, and NDIS driver improvements, a storage driver stack with CDROM support, LIBRARIES:Piping in kernel32 and new zlib library, SUBSYSTEMS:POSIX, CSRSS, and Win32k (windowing and region code) improvements, a new OS/2 subsystem, a new ability to use an .lst file for instead of commandline parameters, memory management, disk support, memory protection, UI and CDROM support and improvements, and many other small fixes and changes.

  •  16 Mar 2002 07:50

    Release Notes: This release adds an IO subsystem, SEH support, ANSI/OEM unicode tables, a system hive, hardware detection, LPC sections, paged pool mem, mem balancer virtual memory, PsLookupXxx() functions, process and thread notift, kernel queue and win32k support, an APCI Bus driver, a PCI bus scanner for IDE controllers, a new ATAPI driver, NPFS r/w, a secondary IDE channel for PCI and ISA bus, asynchronous i/o requests, a better disk driver stack, new keyboard layouts support, 32-bit OLE32 functions from WINE, bzip2 library use with ramdriver, security manager work, a POSIX+ client DLL, a commandline process killer, and a process viewer.

    •  18 Aug 2001 09:38

    Release Notes: This release adds huge kernel improvements (Memory Manager, DMA, SMP support, Registry, Stack, and more), a vastly improved GDI (DIB, FreeType 2 for text, and Mouse), much work on network support (winsock and TCP/IP), lots of work on libraries (MsvCrt, CrtDll, NTDll, Kernel32, OLE32, and more), more and improved drivers (floppy, ACPI CA, ISA PnP, Ram Disk, VFAT, and NPFS) and many minor improvements and bugfixes. This release requires a special GCC 2.95.3-4 compiler.

    •  09 Feb 2001 16:30

    Release Notes: Major registry improvements, work on security, implemented kernel/user shared data page, a preliminary PCI bus scanner, a system-independant install utility, implemented ARC names, basic NDIS 3.0 support, a Novell Eagle 2000 Driver, added/fixed resource 'loader', calibration of KeStallExecutionProcessor delay, pass command line from loadros, a registry Explorer (console tool) in the system utilities subtree, multiboot support in ntoskrnl, kernel can be booted with GRUB, new PCR, correct implementation of user-mode APCs, improved bitblt and painting performance, initial mouse pointer code, some new functions to msvcrt, running winlogon.exe instead of shell.exe, the floppy controller is recognized properly, work on file caching and various filesystems, some work on v86 mode support, support for calling BIOS functions, implementation of VideoPortInt10, some work on winsock stack, a small HTTP daemon, a completed mutex and semaphore implementation, new console client support, a simple W32 telnet client, mapping of access rights, implemented timer object, a vm test application, and many minor fixes and improvements.

    •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

      Release Notes: Many additions have been made to the kernel and the NTDLL, KERNEL32, ADVAPI32, and USER32 DLLs. Support for running ReactOS under BOCHs, GDI and VGA driver improvements, filesystem improvements, Win32 console support with multiple virtual consoles and scrollback buffer, and many minor bugfixes and additions.


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