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reacTIVision is a computer vision framework for the fast and robust tracking of fiducial markers attached to physical objects, as well as for multi-touch finger tracking. It was mainly designed as a toolkit for the rapid development of table-based tangible user interfaces and interactive multi-touch surfaces such as the reacTable. Client application examples are available for various programming environments such as C++, Java, C#, Processing, PureData, Max/MSP, and Quartz Composer.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 May 2009 19:11

    Release Notes: This release introduces various new features such as multi-touch tracking, more and improved fiducial symbols and tracking, and improved camera support and configuration.

    •  19 Apr 2009 11:25

      Release Notes: This release fixes various issues with alternative tree configurations. It has much improved V4L2 camera support on Linux. It adds an option to disable the camera dialog on Windows. Support for Firewire 800 cameras on Mac and Linux has been improved. A fiducial angle detection problem has been fixed. An issue with the multiple usage of same fiducial IDs has been fixed.

      •  26 Mar 2009 15:38

        Release Notes: Finger blob tracking with on-screen setup (F key). An increased standard set of 108x2 fiducial symbols. An additional small set of 12x2 fiducial symbols. Improved fiducial rendering (smaller footprint and better proportions). Improved and more robust fiducial tracking (with secondary blob tracking). Improved calibration precision. Improved Firewire camera support and configuration on Mac and Linux. Improved V4L2 camera support on Linux. On-screen and XML configuration instead of command line options. MIDI channel selection for note ON events.

        •  23 Nov 2006 01:14

          Release Notes: Finger tracking using mini stickers for the fingertips. Alternative MIDI messaging (mapping via XML config). Improved object tracking performance. Reduced camera latency. An improved calibration procedure for distortion correction. Additional TUIO clients for PureData, Max/MSP, and C#.

          •  19 Aug 2006 10:56

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in showing NaNs in the win32 build.


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