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  •  19 Feb 2012 02:27

Release Notes: This release makes rdup-tr compile when libnettle is not found. It adds a fix for very large inodes and file sizes and fixes tar/pax output when the file sizes of files change.

  •  16 Dec 2010 14:52

Release Notes: A number of memory leaks were removed.

  •  23 Jun 2010 14:00

Release Notes: Named pipes are now properly created by rdup-up.

  •  18 Apr 2010 11:59

Release Notes: A few bugs were fixed and the documentation received some polish.

  •  17 Mar 2010 08:02

Release Notes: A severe bug when creating directories with rdup-up was fixed.

  •  17 Jan 2010 12:40

Release Notes: Compilation on older Linux distributions was fixed.

  •  05 Jan 2010 21:39

Release Notes: Encryption and compilation (on AMD-64) fixes.

  •  15 Aug 2009 09:03

Release Notes: rdup-ln and rdup-simple are installed to /usr/bin and libnettle is now mandatory.


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