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Shaper Super-Script

Shaper Super-Script is a bash script that uses iproute2 and shapecfg (shaper.o) to limit incoming and outgoing traffic on a Linux router. It also has an option for supporting more than 100 shapers via a kernel patch.

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  •  21 Feb 2005 16:17

Release Notes: This release changes everything to fit into the LEAF lrp package, adds shapecfg-uClib, which will run on uClib-based systems, improves the tests for limits and warns if the user tries more than are supported, adds the option =probe to the configuration file, changes the way "patched" works, making it possible to patch the kernel without having to recompile the kernel, moves shaping definitions to the top of the shape.conf, and adds minor improvements and error message handling.

  •  19 Jul 2004 12:51

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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