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RC-Crypt can be used to encrypt or decrypt data using the RC5 algorithm. It operates on 128-bit data blocks, adding random characters for padding if necessary. The key size can be chosen by the user, but 64 bits or greater is recommended. It has many input/output options, making this a versatile piece of software suitable for embedding into scripts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 May 2005 22:11

    Release Notes: A race condition which caused error messages to appear was cleaned up. The encryption was not affected, but the software could hang under certain circumstances.

    •  18 Feb 2004 12:07

      Release Notes: Security features have been added to make it harder for other users on the same computer to discover the encryption keys, particularly during encryption of large files. It now forks to encrypt/decrypt in the background and returns immediately. An option has been added to make it wait for the child process to complete, though this is less secure. The key can now be passed using an environment variable, the command line, or a file.

      •  26 Aug 2003 20:05

        Release Notes: Large file support has been added for Linux. Speed enhancements for little-endian architectures. A new option added to allow each data block to be xor-ed with the previous one during encryption. Since the first block is pseudo random data, if this option is used, the same file encrypted with the same key will look completely different each time it is encrypted.

        •  02 Oct 2002 08:05

          Release Notes: The code has been refactored, and several minor bugfixes were made. The output format has been modified to make sure the bytes added as padding during encryption are no longer printed when decrypting, and to allow for future enhancements. This version will no longer correctly decode files encrypted in previous versions, so an upgrade is recommended, and all files must be re-encrypted. The output format is now considered stable and is not expected to change again.

          •  20 Sep 2002 08:33

            Release Notes: RC-Crypt has been modified so data encrypted on a little endian machine can be decrypted on a big endian machine and vice-versa. Several minor alignment bugs have also been fixed.


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