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Ruby Agenda

Ruby Agenda is an agenda/scheduler application for use on a PDA written in Ruby/Tk.


Recent releases

  •  22 Dec 2001 22:23

    Release Notes: New features include all-day appointments and a week view.

    •  08 Nov 2001 02:52

      Release Notes: DST support, n-daily and n-weekly repeating appointments, and repeating appointments can have an end-date.

      •  09 Sep 2001 15:06

        Release Notes: It is now possible to deviate from a repeating appointment. A newly created appointment now defaults to date of View instead of today's date. A Save button was added, since proper auto-saving is not yet in place. A back-up of appointments is now constructed. Duration was fixed, and subsecond accuracy was removed.

        •  20 Aug 2001 22:55

          Release Notes: Improvements to the TkTime widget (displays day of week, keeps internal state and updates widget accordingly, easier editing of appointments, and is used for navigation through agenda).

          •  15 Aug 2001 18:58

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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