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Ratoximus is a backend for rating your music on the fly. When a good song comes up on your playlist, you can mark it up to your favorites, and when you just can't stand a song, you can blacklist it. A cleanlist is generated based on a preselected list, taking out the blacklisted entries. It includes a simple interactive frontend, and tips to other methods.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Sep 2005 18:58

    Release Notes: The biggest change is the addition of the quick mode that cuts processing time down to a fraction of normal operation, at the cost of losing real-time modifications (only useful on a very slow machine with a very large playlist; most users wont notice the difference nor need this feature). Other changes include a working installer with conf adjusting, updated and cleaned up documentation, and various bugfixes. A very simple (but nasty) bug that caused 10 seconds of extra execution time being spent with OSD on has been fixed.

    •  28 Aug 2005 22:43

      Release Notes: This release adds the sanitize feature for manipulating other playlists. Some of the help sections have been rewritten, and a few documentation topics added (custom lists and sanitize). More OSD cues. Minor bugfixes (nothing fatal).

      •  27 Jul 2005 10:27

        Release Notes: Ratoximus is finaly ready to enter more serious testing and real versioning. All of the included features have been tested, so it is ready for everyday use.

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        14 Jan 2006 12:24 Artanicus

        temporary download page
        The server is down for maintenance, so get your copy from Softpedia instead:


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