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  •  18 Nov 2011 18:46

Release Notes: Full support for SPARQL 1.1 draft STRBEFORE, STRAFTER, and REPLACE has been added. A new internal Mersenne Twister PRNG has been added with the choice adjustable by configure. The language name "sparql" is now SPARQL 1.1. The query result formats now all use W3C Format URIs as their primary URI. The configure check for ceil(), floor(), and round() has been improved to prevent GCC from optimizing the test away and getting the wrong answer. Several other fixes and improvements have been made.

  •  22 Apr 2007 22:59

Release Notes: Syntax and API support was added for an experimental extension to SPARQL called LAQRS (LAQRS Adds to Querying RDF in SPARQL). The query results formatter was updated to allow better introspection of formats by MIME type. The SPARQL parser was updated for the SPARQL Working Draft 2007-03-26 additions. Several other fixes and improvements were made.

  •  30 Apr 2006 16:26

Release Notes: Writing query results in JSON was added. Writing queries was added allowing rasqal to turn RDQL into SPARQL. SPARQL syntax support was updated to SPARQL Query Language for RDF W3C Candidate Rec of 6 April 2006. Some Win32 build fixes, other bugfixes, and many internal code re-organisations were also made.

  •  15 Jan 2006 21:03

Release Notes: The SPARQL Query Language support has had many updates for the RDF W3C Working Draft of 2005-11-23. The query engine has been updated to make ordering, distinct, and limit work. An enhanced API reference manual has been created with gtk-doc. Many updates were made to the literal and expression handling, and many other changes and improvements were made.

  •  10 Apr 2005 10:43

Release Notes: SPARQL RDF query support was updated to the 2005-02-17 W3C draft. Support for casting, data graphs, and graph patterns was added to the query engine and API. Many query engine internal changes and improvements were made.


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