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  •  14 May 2012 21:43

Release Notes: This version completes support for SPARQL 1.0 by passing 100% of the approved tests. It adds full support for XSD date and makes XSD dateTime and XSD date equality and comparison work. The query engine was fixed to make limit and offset check work properly in a subquery, correctly handles errors during aggregation expression evaluation, and fixes blank node generation when made in a CONSTRUCT to match SPARQL. SPARQL 1.1 draft UUID() and STRUUID() support were added. RDQL support will be removed in the next release (0.9.30). Multiple other fixes and improvements were made.

  •  23 Feb 2011 08:34

Release Notes: SPARQL 1.1 query draft support was added for ABS(), CEIL(), FLOOR(), RAND(), ROUND(), TZ(), and BIND(expr AS ?var). SILENT with DROP and CLEAR was fixed. ENCODE_FOR_URI() was fixed not to preserve language and datatype of argument. GROUP BY was fixed to allow an optional AS ?var. An expression evaluation context class was added to store state for use with evaluating expressions. Triple-quoted literals over-quoting and their use with language and datatypes were fixed. Random seed initializing support was added. The query engine execution was fixed in several cases. rasqal_query_set_store_results() now actually works.

  •  05 Dec 2010 09:00

Release Notes: Aggregate expression execution as defined by the SPARQL 1.1 Query W3C working draft of 14 October 2010 was added, including execution grouping of results: GROUP BY; execution of aggregate expressions: AVG, COUNT, GROUP_CONCAT, MAX, MIN, SAMPLE, SUM; and execution of filtering of aggregate expressions: HAVING. New syntax parsing support was added for BINDINGS, isNUMERIC(), MINUS, sub SELECT, and SERVICE. The roqet utility was updated to execute queries over SPARQL HTTP Protocol and operate over data read from stdin, enabling it to work as a filter. Several other new APIs were added.

  •  22 Aug 2010 19:13

Release Notes: Updated to handle more of the new syntax defined by the SPARQL 1.1 Query and SPARQL 1.1 Update W3C working drafts of 1 June 2010. Execution support for new SPARQL 1.1 query built-in expressions IF, URI, STRLANG, STRDT, BNODE, IN, and NOT IN. An 'html' query result table format. Support was added for building with the Raptor V2 API. Many other fixes and changes were made.

Release Notes: Initial draft parsing and API (not execution) support for SPARQL 1.1 Update W3C Working Draft of 2010-01-26 was added. Public APIs were added for row, results, result formatter, and variables table so that query results can be built, read, and written without a query. Resilience checks were added to API calls for invalid NULL pointer arguments. Many other bugfixes and improvements were made.

Release Notes: An entirely new query engine that executes more of SPARQL (95%+ of the standard test suite passes) using the SPARQL algebra internally was implemented. Experimental LAQRS syntax support was added for SUM, AVG, MIN, and MAX, and execution support for COALESCE and LET. Query result formatters were added for CSV, TSV, and textual Tables. The ABI/API was changed in a backwards-incompatible fashion. Many other bugfixes and improvements were made, including more resilience to resource failure.

  •  06 Jul 2008 06:12

Release Notes: A major API/ABI change was made, so Rasqal 0.9.16 is incompatible with earlier releases. A new rasqal_world object was added and used for all constructor functions. All deprecated functions and macros were removed. Query result sets can now be read and written from sparql XML results format. Error syntax error reporting was improved.

  •  18 Nov 2007 00:35

Release Notes: Many updates were made for supporting W3C SPARQL Proposed Recommendation of 12 November 2007. Substantial improvements were made to datatypes support and evaluation. Many improvements and fixes were made for low-memory situations. Several new APIs were added, including a new XSD decimal class. Many other fixes and improvements were made.

  •  09 Jun 2005 10:09

Release Notes: The query engine has been updated to support sorting query results implementing SPARQL ORDER BY (no duplicates are removed yet), and the SPARQL query language support has been updated for some recent syntax changes.

  •  19 May 2005 21:47

Release Notes: The SPARQL query was updated to the 2005-04-19 W3C RDF query draft with widespread syntax changes. The query API was substantially added to, and the query engine was updated to include limit and offsets. The revised XML results format was added. Many other bugfixes and improvements were made.


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