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Rascal, the Advanced Scientific CALculator, is a platform-independent modular calculator. It is based on modules for supporting its various data types, and it can be easily extended with existing C or C++ code. The available modules are integers, long numbers, doubles, strings, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, Taylor arithmetic (automatic differentiation), and fractions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 May 2002 08:34

    Release Notes: This release introduces modules for offline and online parametric and surface plots, polynomial arithmetic, and beta support for XSC-toolbox 2.0. It now uses readline 4.2 and C-XSC 2.0 beta, and various bugs and memory leaks have been fixed.

    •  07 Aug 2001 22:07

      Release Notes: Integer power functions are now also correct for non-integer results. Function plot windows do not have to be closed anymore before further computations.

      •  25 Jul 2001 01:47

        Release Notes: User-defined functions may have any positive number of arguments, desktop links for GNOME and KDE have been added, an experimental gradient support for functions is included, and matrices can be constructed dynamically.

        •  11 Jul 2001 11:02

          Release Notes: This release includes a Gnome frontend called "grascal", the purenum0.4d library, and coloring support.

          •  02 Jul 2001 20:47

            Release Notes: The matrix-complex type predence bug has been fixed, and generic type predence tests have been added. There are minor improvements in plotting support.


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