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The Robot Auto Racing Simulator (RARS) consists of a simulation of the physics of cars racing on a track, a graphic display of the race, and a separate control program (robot "driver") for each car. The goal of the game is to implement such a control program in order to compete against other programmers. An official formula one season is held every year.

Operating Systems

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  •  27 Apr 2003 01:09

Release Notes: This release introduces a new human-controllable bot, so that you can challenge the other bots with a joystick. A few bugs were fixed.

  •  10 Feb 2003 09:51

Release Notes: This release fixes several small bugs. The Linux version now supports KDE 3.0 and 3.1.

Release Notes: A few annoying bugs were fixed. The choice of surface type can now be made with the GUI. A new 3DS car model (Golf) was added. Rendering was improved, notably with environment mapping on custom car models. NVIDIA cards are now detected automatically. "make install" now works.

Release Notes: Instant replay functionality has been added and the 3D graphics have been significantly improved. The core of the simulation engine has been restructured into much cleaner object-oriented C++.

  •  04 Jul 2001 12:33

Release Notes: Minor display improvements were made. Some problems were fixed in the X11 version, and the OpenGL rendering was improved in the 3D version. Compatibility with GCC 3.0 and Cygwin was added. New drivers for Felix16 and Jocosa83 were added.

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08 Apr 2002 17:26 morleron Thumbs up

This is a nice project that can be used to introduce people to C/C++ programming, AI programming, etc. I've been having great fun with it and plan to submit a driver/robot of my own when I get one developed that places somewhere other than last. This makes me wish I had a faster machine as I can't really use the OpenGL view of the races, but would like to.


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