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  •  30 Jun 2012 20:22

Release Notes: This release supports RDFa 1.1 via an updated embedded librdfa library, adds multiple portability fixes for Windows and Solarises, and adds multiple minor fixes and improvements.

  •  13 Jan 2011 07:10

Release Notes: This is stable, supported release includes some minor API changes over the last beta and a fix for one issue.

  •  17 Aug 2010 05:11

Release Notes: This beta release removed all deprecated functions and typedefs. All functions were renamed to a standard format. URIs are interned with no swappable implementation. Statements now support triples and quads. The world object owns shared logging, ID generation, and describing syntaxes. The GRDDL parser now saves shared libxslt state. Serializers were added for HTML and N-Quads, and parsers were added for JSON/RDF and JSON/Triples. An AVL-Tree memory API was added. Several reported issues were fixed and substantial internal improvements were made.

  •  26 Jun 2008 12:37

Release Notes: An RDFa parser was added using an embedded version of librdfa by Manu Sporny of Digital Bazaar. An Atom 1.0 (RFC 4287) serializer with several output parameters was added. The RSS 1.0 serializer functionality was improved and made more resilient. Several new API methods were added for qname, serializer, sequence, and XML writer classes. Many other fixes and resilience improvements were made.

  •  30 Mar 2008 08:34

Release Notes: Two new JSON serializers, resource-centric "json" RDF/JSON and triple-centric "json-triples", were added. A new public XML SAX2 API class and error handling structures were added. The I/O Stream class was updated to support reading. Several new API methods were added in other classes. Many other fixes and portability and resilience improvements were made.

  •  01 Oct 2007 02:04

Release Notes: Full support for the GRDDL W3C Recommendation of 2007-09-11 was added. The Turtle parser and serializer were updated to support @base. The Turtle and RDF/XML serializers had performance improvements for large graphs. A TRiG Parser based on Turtle with named graph support was added. Several other API changes, fixes, and improvements were made.

  •  27 Mar 2007 00:47

Release Notes: The GRDDL parser was substantially updated to support the GRDDL W3C Working Draft of 2 March 2007. Error reporting from XML and URIs was much improved. Several issues were fixed and many other fixes and improvements were made.

  •  31 Jan 2007 23:21

Release Notes: New RDF serializers were added for the Turtle and GraphViz DOT formats. The GRDDL parser was updated to do recursive namespace and profile URI traversal. Many other fixes and improvements were made.

  •  03 Jan 2006 00:24

Release Notes: The RSS Tag Soup parser was updated to read Atom 1.0 and rewrite old Atom 0.3 terms. A 'guess' parser that picks the parser to use based on protocol information such as HTTP Content-Type was added. An enhanced API reference manual was added using gtk-doc. Parsers can now return the namespace prefix/URIs seen. The Turtle parser was updated to version 2006-01-02. An alpha Atom 1.0 and an Adobe XMP (RDF/XML profile) serializer were added. Many other fixes and improvements were made.

  •  03 Jan 2005 13:29

Release Notes: An XML writer API was added. The RDF/XML serializer was improved to use user namespace declarations and write relative URIs. A new RSS 1.0 serializer was added. Many other API additions and changes were made.


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