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  •  28 Mar 2003 13:28

Release Notes: Major performance improvements in large files were made. WWW retrieval support was added with libcurl or libxml. Various other minor bugs were fixed. The source was updated to the newer autoconf and automake toolsets.

  •  13 Feb 2003 06:20

Release Notes: Very minor bugfixes were made in this release, synchronising it with Redland 0.9.12. Crashes on empty files were fixed, using illegal xmlns:prefix="". N-Triples bnodeIDs can now have '0's. The rdfdump utility program was renamed to rapper, since the old name conflicted with a Linux program.

  •  19 Dec 2002 21:43

Release Notes: In this version, fixes were made for conformance (now passes about 90% of the RDF test suite) and portability across systems, compilers, and toolchains. Several minor bugfixes were made including fixes for memory leaks. Support was added for rdf:bagID.

  •  02 Nov 2002 15:07

Release Notes: RDF datatyping and collections are now supported. The calling API was improved. The XML parser was made more resiliant. Other errors were fixed. A new URI class with swappable implementations was added. Many internal improvements were made. MacOS X support and new documentation were added.

  •  08 Jun 2002 12:58

Release Notes: Full URI resolving, xml:lang support, improved support for XML entities, and fixes for many minor bugs, and older libxml/expat compatibility.

  •  27 Mar 2002 18:10

Release Notes: This release has been updated for RDF/XML syntax changes, and now supports XML Base and xml:lang. Many bugs have been fixed, and parseType="Literal" is working properly. N-Triples output and escaping is handled fully.

  •  21 Aug 2001 14:05

Release Notes: This release has many bugfixes to conform to RDF/XML grammar. It now contains an N-Triples parser. rdf:parseType Literal and daml:collection support have been added. Win32 support has been added.

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, and better auto-detection of expat(s)/libxml.


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