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26 Sep 2001 11:00 suso

Re: Using randomsig with pine (IT WORKS NOW)
The latest version of randomsig (1.10.0) now uses a new default mode that doesn't rely on named pipes. So Pine should now work fine with randomsig and any other program that can read normal files. The named pipe feature is still available using the -p option, but will eventually be a depreciated feature by version 2.0

19 Apr 2000 10:43 suso

Using randomsig with pine
I use pine myself so this program's top priority was to work with pine. There are some issues sometimes like if you try composing messages to rapidly(but why would you do that anyways) but other than that, it should work. Just in case you're curious, I use pine versions 4.04 and 4.10. I haven't tested the program with any pre 4 versions of pine so there may be a problem there.

19 Apr 2000 08:16 bigdog

Has anyone used this with pine? Pine usually has problems with .signature being a pipe and not a real file.. And the only random .sig generator that works with pine some of the time is gensig ( But it aint developed anymore..


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