Comments for Rain's PPP scripts

26 Jan 2000 14:51 sloop

great set of scripts
Rain's PPP scripts are great for first-time users and experienced Linux users alike. I like the ability to reconnect if the connection is dropped, and persistent dialing. It took me hardly any time to configure my connection over 64k ISDN on a Motorola Bitsurfr Pro. The online status monitor is also a good feature.

26 Nov 1999 10:21 mrfuzzy

Really good job, somebody sure spent some time on this. Although, did you have to mute the modem speaker? Had me confused for like 10 minutes. ;)

20 Jan 1999 18:42 intermod

Great script
Rain's PPP script certainly beats most of the others. It provides a lot of easy-to-configure options and simplifies the use of pppd to connect to an ISP.


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