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Rain's PPP scripts

Rain's PPP scripts simplify the use and setup of pppd. Features include connection time logging, a ppp-off that works right with more than one pppd running, dial-on-demand support for pppd 2.3.x., and more. Another interesting feature is that the scripts keep track of your connect speed and time, and included is an mirc script to show connection status from a remote machine, as well as a shell script that works for *IX boxes.

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  •  07 Feb 2001 17:27

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and a license change to the GPL.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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26 Jan 2000 14:51 sloop

great set of scripts
Rain's PPP scripts are great for first-time users and experienced Linux users alike. I like the ability to reconnect if the connection is dropped, and persistent dialing. It took me hardly any time to configure my connection over 64k ISDN on a Motorola Bitsurfr Pro. The online status monitor is also a good feature.

26 Nov 1999 10:21 mrfuzzy

Really good job, somebody sure spent some time on this. Although, did you have to mute the modem speaker? Had me confused for like 10 minutes. ;)

20 Jan 1999 18:42 intermod

Great script
Rain's PPP script certainly beats most of the others. It provides a lot of easy-to-configure options and simplifies the use of pppd to connect to an ISP.


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