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Rails is a Web application framework for Ruby modeled after the MVC pattern. It uses Action Pack for the Controller and View, Active Record for the Model.

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  •  27 Jun 2007 08:01

Release Notes: This release irons out the few wrinkles there were between Ruby 1.8.6 and Rails 1.2.2. Besides the 1.8.6 compatibility, a few minor fixes were made. This should be a drop-in replacement for Rails 1.2.2.

  •  26 Jan 2005 03:59

Release Notes: This release polishes the project by closing holes and deficiencies, and adding subtle extensions to existing features. Working in development with models and controllers reloading on every request now resembles "the real thing" a lot more by actually removing the model classes before reloading them. Form helpers and handlers have been extended to enable handling of many records at once. Any before_filter can now terminate the chain by calling render or redirect and the pattern of redirect-and-return now works again.

  •  17 Jan 2005 02:13

Release Notes: This release introduces an extensive caching module that offers three levels of granularity (page, action, fragment) and a variety of stores (file, memory, DRb, MemCached). Additionally, it's now possible to limit the actions that a given filter will apply to within a controller using either :only or : except. Associations between unsaved objects make it much easier to build big graphs that only make sense to be saved together. Support for SQLite3 and MySQL 4.1.1+ has been added. Rails has also added support for expressions such as 45.kilobytes + 2.3.megabytes and 45.minutes + 2.hours.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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27 Jul 2006 22:05 honewatson

Developed a quotation app real fast with RoR...
Working with a guy called Jordan Brock we developed a quotation application real fast with Ruby on Rails.

It was super cheap to create.

24 Oct 2005 07:00 namxam Thumbs up

Great but badly documented piece of software
I am quite new to RoR (Ruby on Rails), but this piece of software is amazing. After some time you need to learn the concepts, your efficiency will increase rapidly. on average you can expect to code 5-15x faster than you did with i.e. PHP (my previous language of choice).

i can recommend this package although the documentation is really bad. but i think this will change when the project will release version 1.0 soon. and so long you should visit their irc channel.

31 Jul 2005 08:42 dglee

Looks like something derailed
Went to the home website. Nothing like an actual demo to be found. A lot of links to purported sightings of demos, but none that actually worked. Hmmm. I know AJAX works because I have used it with Perl and Java. Looks like this RoR hype is just that. Too bad.

22 Jun 2005 05:36 rowan Thumbs up

Ruby on Rails made web programming enjoyable again

As someone who has been doing web programming since 1999, I have shot myself in the foot a fair few times too often due to a lack of proper project structure and/or due to too much time spend on rethinking project architectures. It is needless to say that this hasn't been a terribly motivating force of late.

Now, with Ruby on Rails, web programming has actually gotten enjoyable again.

Most of my web programming has been done with Perl (in a project in which standard PL modules like the CGI module wheren't allowed) and PHP, so I'm not qualified to make any comments on how RoR compares to Struts and such.


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