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Raidmon is a shell script which runs as a daemon and monitors software RAID devices (Linux MD). It starts to beep when a disk fails or while a RAID device is resyncing after an unclean shutdown. Every event also triggers the email alert mechanism, which sends mail to one or more persons with the details of what's going on.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Sep 2008 19:41

    Release Notes: Signal and pidfile handling were implemented. Daemonizing was fixed to properly detach from the terminal.

    •  13 Dec 2006 18:34

      Release Notes: "raidmon condrestart" no longer beeps, because it confused people if someone did a remote RPM update. In addition, "raidmon status" now handles incorrect parameters with an error message.

      •  07 Dec 2006 14:35

        Release Notes: The code has been cleaned up to share more with its sister project mpiomon. No changes to its functionality have been made.

        •  03 Jul 2006 20:30

          Release Notes: This release adds only cosmetic changes to the script and the RPM.

          •  27 Mar 2006 09:33

            Release Notes: It's now possible to reload the configuration at runtime using "raidmon reload". Sending status mail messages can now be triggered with "raidmon status send", and the cron job in the RPM now uses this new method. Shutting down raidmon is now much faster, and doesn't take six seconds anymore.


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