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radvd implements IPv6 router advertisements for Linux, as specified in RFC 2461. Support for Mobile IPv6 as well as 6to4 is included.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2012 20:40

    Release Notes: This release fixes an infinite loop.

    •  15 Apr 2012 18:07

      Release Notes: Minor bugfixes.

      •  23 Oct 2011 04:10

        Release Notes: Assorted enhancements, bugfixes, and security fixes.

        •  04 Apr 2011 23:14

          Release Notes: Skipping of multiple interfaces when UnicastOnly is on or AdvSendAdvert is off was fixed. A segmentation fault that only occurred with multiple interfaces was fixed. Support for RFC6106 was added by implementing DNS Search List support.

          •  05 Apr 2010 22:05

            Release Notes: MSG_SIZE was decreased from 4096 to about 1500B. The send buffer uses a smaller size in order to avoid sending out fragmented packets, but it is still able to receive full-size frames. The buffer size is tracked and the daemon exits if the number of prefixes/routes/etc. would grow too much. A memory corruption due to an incorrect memset was fixed. On BSD, getifaddrs() is now also used in setup_deviceinfo(), fixing a multiple interface problem on NetBSD 5 due to a change in data structures. radvd.conf prefix, clients, route, and RDNSS options are now allowed to be in any order.


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