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Rapid Application Development Library

radlib is a C language library developed to abstract details of interprocess communications and common Linux/Unix system facilities so that application developers can concentrate on application solutions. It encourages developers to use a proven paradigm of event-driven, asynchronous design. By abstracting interprocess messaging, events, timers, and any I/O device that can be represented as a file descriptor, radlib simplifies the implementation of multi-purpose processes, as well as multi-process applications. In short, radlib is a sincere attempt to provide real-time OS capability on a non-real-time OS.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Mar 2012 20:52

    Release Notes: This release adds a radMsgRouterMessageIsRegistered function to find out if a message Id is registered for reception by one or more clients, a radSocketClientCreateAny function to radSocket (which uses getaddrinfo instead of gethostbyname so all of the matching records can be tried in the order they are returned), and better detection of corrupted buffer headers in radbuffers.c.

    •  10 Apr 2011 13:01

      Release Notes: A 28 byte memory leak was fixed in radconffile.c.

      •  01 Apr 2011 13:28

        Release Notes: This version fixes the errant result set release when sqlite3_prepare fails in radsqlite.

        •  30 Mar 2011 21:07

          Release Notes: This release adds a limited pthread implementation (radthread) to be used with radlib processes.

          •  15 Mar 2011 08:07

            Release Notes: HOST_IS_BIGENDIAN macro usage was removed in favor of the WORDS_BIGENDIAN macro defined in config.h by autoheader. This allows support for Mac OS X universal binaries. Preprocessor directives were changed to avoid negation ("!").


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