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Radiance is a set of tools which provide an advanced lighting simulation software package. It allows very detailed definition of materials' and light sources' properties through the use of advanced techniques like brdf and ies files, as well as a powerful mathematical scripting language, resulting in accurate renderings of scenes which are usually imported from CAD and 3D modelers. It uses the hybrid approach of Monte Carlo and deterministic ray tracing to achieve a reasonably accurate result in a reasonable time.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Dec 2011 06:25

    Release Notes: This release adds options to pvalue to note other color spaces on reverse conversion, a BSDF data-driven material type with full sampling support, BRDF calculations to genBSDF, and variable-resolution BSDF support in renderers and genBSDF. It creates the pkgBSDF program to extract BSDF geometry and put it together with surface descriptions suitable for inclusion in a Radiance scene. Numerous bugfixes have been made.

    •  18 Mar 2010 17:10

      Release Notes: Support for parallel rendering built into several tools. The new file extension according to MIME is followed. Improved sampling for circular sources. New configuration options for rad. The addition of gendaylit, genklemsamp(1) for BSDF-based annual calculations, a file to compute Klems bins for Windows, a genskyvec utility to support Tregenza sky patches, and a dctimestep program to compute a set of sensor values and support the daylight coefficient method.

      •  08 Jul 2008 10:33

        Release Notes: Memory requirements for octree were reduced by a factor of 8. Byte-swapping input and output was added to rcalc along with extra error checking for source surfaces, a -spec option in falsecolor to restore the original spectral color scale, the ability to incorporate BSDF data in calculations, and support for persistent rendering and for cumulative calculations. Ray weights were corrected for material mixtures. Bugs in the shadow cache were fixed. Pixel alignment was fixed in pcomb for size reduction and enlargement.

        •  25 Oct 2006 13:57

          Release Notes: New scripts for higher productivity have been added. Code was cleaned to improve performance on new machines and in parallel environments. Handling of the recent mesh primitive was improved. Lots of clean-ups were done. This release has been tested a lot and is meant to be especially stable.

          •  14 Oct 2005 23:34

            Release Notes: Fixes bugs in source occluder cache, source drawing routines for rpict, pcond's acuity simulation for small view angles, reporting of non-surface in set, calculation of diffuse transmission in the presence of pure specular (Fresnel reflection) using "trans" material, source primitives using illum, 16-bit/channel TIFF i/o, rcalc with the -l option, and bounding box computation for cones. Minor code cleanups and speed-ups. This release uses SSH instead of RSH for networked operations.


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