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rackview is a tool for visualizing the layout of rack- mounted equipment. It can load data either from database tables or a flat file. It can be used to assist in planning and tracking hardware changes to racks in a data center, and to provide a host-oriented interface into other database tools. The core of rackview is implemented as a Perl module, which can be integrated into a variety of different tools. Sample command line and CGI scripts are included, which should be sufficient for basic needs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Oct 2003 21:01

    Release Notes: Packaging has been fixed up. Config::Simple support has been added. The new Eidetic 2 interfaces are used. Support for javascript_images has been added.

    •  31 Jul 2003 00:40

      Release Notes: More packaging updates and a new "head/foot" include option.

      •  31 May 2003 06:41

        Release Notes: This release features per-frame and per-rack summaries of heat and cooling. A 1U image is used for spacing, allowing html2ps to format correctly. html2ps can be used to automate the printing of multiple racks. Warnings can optionally be hidden, and the U-mark rulers can be shown on the left and right.

        •  15 May 2003 10:31

          Release Notes: This release implements some changes that make it easier to build RPMs of this tool. A specfile is included. It also moves a few more parameters to a config file for added installation flexibility.

          •  12 May 2003 10:39

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            02 Nov 2005 11:09 bryce

            Re: Very hard to setup

            > Just to warn people, this does help

            > populate the data at all, you have to

            > enter and maintain it all by hand, this

            > tool only displays the rack config.

            Yeah... For our purposes we had so much stuff to enter that doing it through a GUI would have been prohibitively slow; we all knew SQL well enough that it was easier to enter the info programmatically, so we never bothered making a front end. This would be a great thing for someone with some web app skills to create. I'd definitely accept patches to add a perl/php/ruby front end to it; I don't know if/when I'd have a chance to get to it myself.

            02 Nov 2005 03:46 kilorat

            Re: Very hard to setup
            dang it, i cant edit posts. The above should have read "it does NOT help you populate the data", I forgot the word 'not'.

            02 Nov 2005 03:45 kilorat

            Very hard to setup
            Just to warn people, this does help populate the data at all, you have to enter and maintain it all by hand, this tool only displays the rack config. After I saw that, I gave up on it anyway since I was hoping to use this for my ops department, so I could point people at a web tool whenever they rack a box so I dont have to track it with the excel spreadsheet like I've been doing. But this will not help with that.

            I gave up after about 3 hours, 17 perl modules (not documented) that ie needed and and still couldn't resolve some problems. I'm not a perl expert, so it defeated me.

            If someone would round this out with a front end to modifying the data, that would be awesome.

            Not knocking opensource or anything, someone putting their project for everyone to see is a nice contribution, and I appreciate it, but I wanted to warn anyone else salavating over this project thinking that it might be useful to them, if they didnt read the fine print like I did. If youre looking for a lightweight asset management system, this is not for you.


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