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Release Notes: This release features minor bugfixes in internal code, in object port management forms, in static filter, and in LDAP code. It also has some updates to SNMP data. From now on, the 0.17 series of RackTables is declared "old", and all users of 0.17 are advised to upgrade to 0.18 versions.

Release Notes: This maintenance release features a new "sticky filter" mode, more consistent status messages, better record sorting, and an internal update for more convenient development of addons. It also addresses minor bugs in tabs rendering code; in httpd charset detection; in user authentication, which could produce PHP warnings; and in the IPv4 management page, which also could break sometimes. In addition, several updates were made to the SNMP code for better support of selected Quidway, FastIron, Catalyst, Procurve, and Nexus network switches.

Release Notes: This routine maintenance release features minor improvements in SNMP and LDAP code. It also adds an ability for each user to override some of the system configuration options.

Release Notes: This maintenance release fixes a number of minor bugs in tab rendering code, in AJAX code, and in the object deletion function. It also resolves PHP warnings. The port compatibility editor page has been reimplemented. The index page now hides sub-pages that cannot be accessed by the current user. The live VLAN code now also considers permissions. Some dictionary records were added.


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