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qxv is an image viewer whose interface is key-to-key compatible with the classic xv program. It is meant to replace xv, which is old, unmaintained, not Free Software, and therefore not shipped with most software distributions anymore.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jan 2011 15:33

    Release Notes: Selection using rubberband, cropping ('c'), auto-resizing of the image when resizing the window, resizing with n, m, M, a, and 4 keybindings, middle mouse button display information about the pixel under the mouse, the addition of the files README and COPYING as requested by packagers, and some bugfixes.

    •  03 Oct 2010 22:40

      Release Notes: This release can handle a list of images specified on the command line. It handles the space, backspace, enter, ",", ".", "<", ">", "t", "T", "q", "h", and "v" keys in the same way as xv. A basic control window can be invoked by right-clicking the main window.


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