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31 Mar 2006 16:59 kurmanka

project forks
As the original author does no longer maintain the project, several people have started their own forks of this nice window manager.

I publish my version at

Another project exists on sourceforge:

15 Sep 1999 09:09 whitemice

Pretty Slick Software
QVWM is quick and stable. I use it on Linux desktops to create a "thin client" solution with both familiarity to those with home PC's, a pleasing look, and the stability of Linux/X.

24 May 1999 21:16 eriku

I don't listen to people like you.
You shouldn't take opinions as use them as a valid reason to slander a perfectly good piece of software.

Maybe it's not what all you linux kids like, but it's perfect for people who don't mess with internal stuff and just want the stabiliy while keeping the desktop they are used too from that other OS.

Bottom line is you can make fun of it, but i can say the same for every WM out there. It's just more itelligent to keep bias opinions to yourself.


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