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QuteCom (formerly WengoPhone) is a multi-platform VoIP client. The GUI is Qt-based, and the Video-over-IP engine is based on the eXosip, oSIP, oRTP, ffmpeg, and libgaim projects. The eXosip module is extended by a phApi module, which implements a high-level, easy-to-use call control API. It supports PC-to-PC voice, video, and chat. One can use a standard SIP service provider such as Wengo to be assigned an incoming number, make calls to PSTN/cell phones, get voice mail, and more. In addition to SIP/SIMPLE QuteCom provides IM functionality using libgaim, so it is compatible with all protocols supported by libgaim.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Oct 2010 12:46

    Release Notes: Various bugs were fixed. New and updated features include call forwarding, G722, G726, an lbc plugin, dynamic ptime, Mac OS X integration, the ability to delete or modify a profile, WebKit, chat theme, and Google chat translation. The newly supported protocols are Facebook, Myspace, Skype, and Twitter. Protocol support was updated for SIP, AIM, ICQ, Gmail, Jabber, MSN, and Yahoo.

    •  18 Dec 2008 18:29

      Release Notes: Mac build fixes. 64-bit build fixes. libpurple-related bugfixes. Fixes for plugin codec functionality. Fixes to codec negotiations (now able to work with ILBC in 30ms or 20ms modes). The ilbc codec has been moved to a plugin. Fixes to handle audio frames with smaller than expected sizes. Conference call fixes. Duplicate account bugfixes.

      •  21 Oct 2008 18:36

        Release Notes: Mac OS X build fixes to connection loss/resumption detection. This release uses Google Breakpad on all platforms for crash reporting. It has switched to libpurple instead of libgaim. On Windows, Libpurple and glib are built with the Microsoft compiler.

        •  21 Aug 2008 17:25

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          Recent comments

          29 Aug 2012 12:24 necati

          Is there a plan for android client as well?


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