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QuickHP is an easy to use tool to keep your homepage in order. It is fully XML-based, and you use it by creating XML source files that are parsed through an XSL template to create HTML or any other files. It comes with a comfortable Web-based file browser that lets you create and edit files, remove files, copy files, and create directories, and features file versioning and upload. QuickHP can be used for dynamic sites and interoperates with PHP.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 May 2002 04:15

    Release Notes: Added XML and XSLT support, file handling via an FTP backend, a more flexible XML format, a solution for dynamic XML, made huge UI improvements, and many smaller bugfixes and improvements.

    •  29 Jun 2001 21:27

      Release Notes: Fixes for 2 wrong XML lines in the standardxml.qtf file that did not let you edit newly created .xml files (from that template) in the XML editor.

      •  04 Jun 2001 14:47

        Release Notes: QuickHP used to be a command-line Perl script that created webpages from templates, but that branch is no longer active. QuickHP is now a Web-based home page administrator written in PHP. The current version is still far from being really comfortable, and only experienced users will understand how it works, so this is a preview version rather than a production release.

        •  28 Feb 2001 17:39

          Release Notes: With QuickHP 0.1 you can, in addition to the system qhp#root tag, define qhp tags yourself. You can do this in two ways: a) You define a tag in the included qvars file, and wherever you put the related comment in your content pages, the value of the definition is parsed in. b) You put a comment in your template, and if a comment is found in a content file, then the value of this comment is parsed in at the position of the comment in the template. This is, for example, a good way to give every page a unique title, although the title is defined in a template.

          •  24 Feb 2001 15:21

            Release Notes: QuickHP is now available under the GPL. No features were added to this release.


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