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  •  15 Jul 2011 08:53

    Release Notes: The template code was improved for better Firefox 4 support and a more consistent look across browsers. UTF-8 encoding is now explicitly specified in the headers. A crashing bug with the template overriding code was fixed. A genchildlist directive was added, which can be used to generate a list with a folder's children to the folder's content. An import directive was added, which can be used to import other QuHelp help sites. The -S option was added for creating a solid version of the help site (the whole site in a single HTML page) in addition to the normal site.

    •  20 May 2010 14:10

      Release Notes: The template JavaScript code uses postMessage and onmessage where available, fixing cross-frame communications in Chrome with local files. A system-wide template directory was added. Conditions for including or not including pages were added. The default template was tweaked a bit. Install and uninstall targets were added in the Makefile for UNIX systems. Version and license information can be obtained via program arguments.

      •  13 Jul 2009 21:03

        Release Notes: This release adds a Search tab to the sidebar. The quhelp programs build an external HTML file containing all words from the pages and the page(s) on which each word is found. The external HTML file is loaded dynamically once and only if needed. More calls have been added to free. The '-c' option was ignored, and now it is parsed properly. The source code has been commented.


        Project Spotlight


        A command line weather information tool.


        Project Spotlight


        An enterprise accounting software.