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  •  05 Apr 2013 20:51

Release Notes: This release adds more bugfixes, including removing the reliance on Javscript executing as PHP for CKeditor fields, fixing PHP strict notices, and fixes for some failures which occurred on IIS servers.

Release Notes: Some bugs have been fixed, including when running on IIS/MySQL. You can view the number of available cases at any time by looking in the questionnaire outcome administration page. A full Czech translation has been included.

  •  12 Mar 2013 08:53

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where questionnaires could not be deleted. It also fixes a file permissions issue.

Release Notes: Interviewers can now email an invitation to respondents to complete the questionnaire online. This major change required some structural changes to the database for security reasons, and therefore requires a database update. Further new features include the ability to restrict appointments to the interviewer making them. Also, operator and sample details can be edited and questionnaires can be deleted to keep the administration pages clean. In the code itself, the PHP short tags have been replaced with full tags, which should improve compatibility on more systems and shared hosting.

Release Notes: Paradata/metadata can now be selected for exportation in data output. Paradata currently includes the number of call attempts and the number of answering machine messages left. Metadata currently includes all sample variables assigned to the case. Translations have been updated, and some untranslatable text on the sample import page has been made translatable.

  •  21 Nov 2012 23:40

Release Notes: This release includes a major update to Limesurvey 1.92. This includes the new Expression Manager feature which allows for complex conditions, tailoring, and expressions. It is possible to integrate sample variables in Expression Manager conditions, tailoring, and expressions, therefore complex logic and item display can be achieved with a combination of sample variables and questionnaire variables. The dependency on ADODB has been removed, as it is included with Limesurvey.

Release Notes: A new report breaks down outcomes by call attempt. Also added is a bulk appointment generator, which allows you to upload manually generated appointments via a CSV file. Some minor bugs have also been fixed including timezone assignment by telephone number prefix (in certain cases).

Release Notes: The quota system now includes "Sample only" quota records and has had some bugs fixed. You can download your sample file as a CSV with current outcome codes and case IDs attached during a running survey. The token table in Limesurvey is automatically created on survey activation to save an additional manual step.

Release Notes: Completed responses can be added to an active survey in queXS via XML RPC. This allows data collected simultaneously with paper forms using queXF to be uploaded to queXS to form a single dataset.

Release Notes: This release adds an alternate interface for non-VoIP operators and an update to the latest Limesurvey 1.91+.


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