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Release Notes: Page edge detection has been greatly improved. queXF can determine if a page corner has been detected incorrectly and repair it. This should greatly improve page alignment where scans are not ideal.

Release Notes: This release adds feature enhancements, including better barcode detection and faster verification submits by using POSTs instead of GETs. Bugfixes include fixing an error in CSV output with labelled multiple choice questions. Translations have been updated from Launchpad.

Release Notes: Response values and labels can be added/edited by mousing over response boxes when banding. Bugs with PSPP export, banding file import, and page width detection have been fixed. Translations have been updated from Launchpad.

Release Notes: A form compatibility test has been added to see if your form is compatible with queXF. This test will also automatically show up if importing a new form fails. Bugs when deleting forms and outputting data with "0" values or labels in them have been fixed. Translations have been updated from Launchpad.

Release Notes: A bug with downloading data on some browsers has been fixed. Definition of bounding boxes is now set by using portions of the page instead of each corner of the box.

Release Notes: Handling of forms where pages are missing or undetected has been improved. Example ICR databases are now available in the documentation directory.

Release Notes: Questionnaires that have been created in queXF via export from queXS or Limesurvey can have their verified paper forms uploaded to a queXS or Limesurvey installation via XML-RPC. Bugs in scaling and rotating under specific conditions, CSV output, fixed width output, and PSPP output have been fixed.

  •  13 Oct 2011 04:56

Release Notes: A few bugs in the verification process of the new page setup system have been resolved, and the new log system has been improved for better display.

  •  07 Oct 2011 14:13

Release Notes: A bug in the new ICR feature (during recognition, the thinning function failed due to a quirk in PHP global handling) has been fixed.

Release Notes: ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is now implemented natively in queXF. It is possible to export and import the ICR knowledge bases to share with the queXF user community. Process logging is now done on a line by line, date-stamped basis. Corner edge detection area elements are included when exporting a queXF banding XML file.


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