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queue_repair can be used to check or correct most corruptions of the queue in qmail (resulting from filesystem damage, etc). Functionality includes automatic, dynamic determination of UIDs and GIDs. Automatic, dynamic determination of use of big-todo. Handles basic tasks like fixing a queue restored from backups, incorrect ownership or permissions of directories and files, missing or extra split subdirectories, unexpected files or other directories, or creating a valid queue from scratch.

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  •  09 Jul 2001 11:37

Release Notes: The handling of new queue creation was fixed. The program now ensures that the user supplies values for conf-split and big-todo.

Release Notes: Additional sanity checking of split value, explicit -h and --help options, enforced checking for the existence of basic queue directories to prevent accidental creation of queue in wrong place due to typos, forced creation of missing parent directories, improvements to big-todo handling, and improved handling of forced split values.

  •  07 Jul 2001 04:57

Release Notes: Fixed handling of intd directory when big-todo not in use. Code cleanups.

  •  06 Jul 2001 15:51

Release Notes: Dropping an obsolete data item to fix bug on BSD systems.

Release Notes: Initial public release.


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