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QuesoGLC is a free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer. The OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC) is a state machine that provides OpenGL programs with character rendering services including scale and rotate text and draw text using lines, filled triangles, or bitmaps. QuesoGLC is based on the FreeType library, provides Unicode support, and is designed to be easily ported to any platform that supports both FreeType and the OpenGL API.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Mar 2009 20:50

    Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed. Upgrading is recommended.

    •  17 Mar 2008 20:38

      Release Notes: Portability has been improved: this release should build out of the box on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows (using Visual C++ project files or MinGW). Vertex buffer objects (VBOs) are now used for textured and outline rendering. Font sorting has been improved, and it is easier to select a font by naming it. There is an assortment of bugfixes.

      •  28 Oct 2007 21:48

        Release Notes: The main fix is about a function that generated considerable memory leaks.

        •  12 Mar 2007 21:02

          Release Notes: This release brings several improvements as well as many bugfixes. The major changes are: usage of the Pixel Buffer Object GL extension, improvement of Unicode support with an initial implementation of right-to-left strings, speed improvements, and management of masters has been revamped to reduce the memory footprint and improve Fontconfig integration.

          •  13 Dec 2006 22:50

            Release Notes: This release brings many improvements as well as bugfixes. There are major speed improvements. The texture code has been revamped for performance (use of a texture atlas). Unicode support has been improved with the inclusion of the BiDi algorithm thanks to FriBiDi. There are 4 new extensions: GLC_QSO_extrude, GLC_QSO_kerning, GLC_QSO_matrix_stack, and GLC_QSO_attrib_stack.


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