Version 1.6.1 of Querydsl

Release Notes: New features include support for H2 in the querydsl-sql module, documentation on how to use Querydsl with Ant, and optimizations in Querydsl collections.

    Other releases

    •  08 Aug 2011 12:33

      Release Notes: EclipseLink support was improved. UNION ALL support was added. Proper OSGI metadata was added in artifacts.

      •  03 Feb 2011 22:08

        Release Notes: This release adds a common Factory class for FactoryExpression creation. It adds field access to QBean. It fixes LuceneQuery.list() throwing an IllegalArgumentException from Lucene if nDocs is 0.

        •  28 Sep 2010 15:15

          Release Notes: Scala support was added. Eclipse IDE support was improved. Initial Mongodb support was added. The Expression model was improved.

          •  06 Sep 2010 13:49

            Release Notes: Bean generation and foreign key issues were improved. Bean generation annotation usage was improved.

            •  22 Aug 2010 08:47

              Release Notes: No-arg methods are now cached in Q-types. PEntity is no longer used for embeddable Q-types. QueryMetadata was made serializable. For JPA, constructor projection doesn't always work. For SQL, there is generic access to schema metadata in Q-types, and support was added for special options in DML clauses. The reference documentation was restructured.


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              Kobold's Quest 1

              An RPG wizard adventuring game.


              Project Spotlight


              A generic library for real-time communications with asynchronous I/O support.