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Quassel IRC is a modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client, meaning that one or more clients can attach to and detach from a central core, much like the popular combination of screen and a text-based IRC client, but graphical. In addition to this unique feature, it aims to be a comfortable chatting program.

Operating Systems

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  •  27 Nov 2013 22:34

Release Notes: This release fixes a security vulnerability through which a manipulated, but properly authenticated client was able to retrieve the backlog of other users on the same core in some cases.

  •  27 Nov 2013 22:34

Release Notes: This release fixes a security vulnerability that could occur with Qt 4.8.5+ and PostgreSQL.

  •  13 May 2013 23:00

Release Notes: Notable new features and changes of this release are channel-specific highlights, improved OS X integration, DockManager compatibility, and proper handling of intermediate CA certificates. Quassel 0.9.0 also adds Halfop support, DH1080 key exchange, authentication via SASL EXTERNAL, updated translations (now also available in Lithuanian, Romanian, and even Esperanto), and bugfixes of all sorts.

  •  25 Apr 2012 18:14

Release Notes: This release adds many bugfixes, many new languages and additional translations for the existing ones, and a few new features, including syslog support, configurable tab completion keys, and improved desktop integration.

  •  24 Apr 2012 21:29

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which caused parts of the nick list (and sometimes the chat lists) not to be shown when using Qt 4.8.

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02 Dec 2009 12:45 brotkastn Thumbs up

My favorite IRC client :)


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