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QuBit library

QuBit is a library to support quantum superpositions in C++. This allows each variable of the CQuBit type to hold a number of different values at the same time. Normal mathematical operations can be performed on a QuBit, but they affect every value in the QuBit, at the same time. Binary operations on two QuBits cause a result based on every possible outcome.

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  •  09 May 2008 10:27

Release Notes: The 'using' directive has been removed from the header file.

  •  03 May 2008 22:24

Release Notes: Fixes were made to let the code compile in modern compilers. Pre-increments are now used for speed. HTML documentation is included in the package. C-style comments are used throughout for non-C99 compilers. Const-correctness was improved.

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04 May 2008 04:30 laseray

QuBit: nice idea, but...
Qubit is a nice idea, but it really just shows the holes

in programming languages like C++, Perl, etc. Any

good dynamic language already has the functions

that do the things Qubit does.

For instance, in Lisp languages there are many

mapping functions and so forth that do everything

your lib does. And if you use Lush (a Lisp), you can

compile it all down to C , interface with C libs, and

much more.

A language like Lush is much more appropriate for

scientific experiments or research than C++. Thus it

all comes down to using the right tool for the right job.

C++ is not the right tool for physics.


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