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Quake2Live is a multiplayer FPS video game designed to be launched via a Web browser plugin. It offers game players a free and easily accessible multiplayer game that uses the Quake2 engine via a single Web site.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Initial Source Code 01 Jan 2010 19:33

The Initial Source Code has been released. The projects proof-of-concept is based on the work by ZeXx86 at and exa from We are looking for input. Please Join us on the project forums

Recent releases

  •  11 Mar 2010 17:45

    Release Notes: This release removes globals to make HTTP pthread safe (http.c), fixes single quotes in SQL statements (qstat.c), adds an onError default image for game (httpd.h), fixes NULL val's segfaulting (httpd.c), adds time delay * number of active servers (qstat.c), and moves deleting inactive servers into query() from query_servers() ready for pthreads (qstat.c).

    •  26 Feb 2010 19:30

      Release Notes: The code has been cleaned up and the client side application (game server browser and game launcher) has been released.

      •  02 Jan 2010 19:42

        Release Notes: Various clean-ups were done, like creating directory structure and deleting junk.

        Recent comments

        16 Jan 2010 03:42 sfranzyshen

        Latest Greatest Development efforts can be found here ...

        01 Jan 2010 20:04 sfranzyshen

        We are seeking input and help. Please come and join us in the community forums


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