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QuadKonsole is a terminal application that embeds Konsole kparts in a grid layout. This saves memory, provides faster startup, and makes it unnecessary to align your Konsole windows by hand. It also provides a lot more screen real estate, makes navigation easier by using arrow keys, and allows all Konsoles to minimized or maximized at once. It only occupies one slot in the taskbar.


Recent releases

  •  30 Mar 2008 16:39

    Release Notes: A --cmd switch and an icon have been added.

    •  26 Mar 2007 17:43

      Release Notes: Keyboard paste support. Up and down keys have been fixed when using more than 2 columns.

      •  31 Mar 2005 04:06

        Release Notes: The program was rewritten completely and is now much simpler and cleaner.

        Recent comments

        27 Oct 2006 09:47 bobtanner

        quadkonsole 2.0.1-1 (amd64) for sid


        # Real Time custom repository

        deb sid

        custom main contrib non-free

        deb-src sid

        custom main contrib non-free

        11 Nov 2005 17:57 neuraltek

        cutting & pasting
        Great tool, pretty useful, especially for monitoring jobs

        and logs. However, does anyone know how to copy and

        paste into one of the konsoles within QuadKonsole?

        I can't seem to figure it out. I can copy from

        Quadkonsole into a standard konsole but I cannot copy

        data from another window (another shell, web browser,

        etc.) into a QuadKonsole window.

        I would like to use Quadkonsole from now on but

        without the ability to copy and paste into a Quadkonsole

        window, I can't really use it. I am using Suse 9.3.

        Running the latest version of Quadkonsole.


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