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Quackey is a somewhat simplified but mostly feature-complete version of the Perquackey anagram word-building game. It runs in an xterm, Gnome terminal, or on the console. The entire game is contained in an 11kb Bash shell script, and a big chunk of that is instruction text and comments. It was written as a "proof-of-concept," but the game is quite playable (and fun) even in its preliminary release form. It requires the author's "yawl" word list package or a similar word list installed in /usr/share/dict. Playing Quackey is good practice for Scrabble and similar anagramming games.

Recent releases

  •  27 May 2008 17:13

    Release Notes: This release adds a script that lets a "bot" play a round of Quackey. This is useful for having the computer replay a round that you have just played, and for generating length-sorted word lists. It is not necessarily intended for cheating at Scrabble.

    •  23 May 2008 17:59

      Release Notes: The display of 9-letter words in the "vulnerable" version of Quackey has been fixed. A script has been added that appends all 7+ letter anagrams of the letter set to the auto-save file ("vulnerable" only).

      •  10 May 2008 21:30

        Release Notes: A script for "vulnerable" play was added. The README documentation file was expanded.

        •  02 May 2008 20:25

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          Recent comments

          28 May 2008 17:52 thegrendel

          Programmers' Challenge
          I'm the author of Quackey, and I challenge all you hotshot coders and programmers out there to rewrite it as a graphic

          / X11 application, maybe using GTK+. Remember, it's licensed as GPL3, so all derivative works must also be GPL3.

          C'mon. You can do it.


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