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  •  13 Mar 2009 06:37

Release Notes: Tempo-map/Time-signature support is the major feature addition of this release. Experimental support was added for MIDI Song Position sequencing. The MIDI Clip Quantize command was added. Zoom direction mode is now an option. MP3 audio format support has been fixed. Many other assorted fixes and brand new bugs were made.

  •  25 Dec 2008 19:16

Release Notes: There is a new Paste-Repeat command. Punch in/out recording is now available. Session/project template support has been added. Current track auto-monitoring is now featured. MIDI buses now support multi-timbral instrument plug-ins. Individual clip gain/volume, normalization, and audio/MIDI file export features are now introduced. Copy/paste to the desktop environment clipboard is finally a reality, and there are many fixes and new bugs.

  •  18 Jul 2008 13:26

Release Notes: Besides a plethora of small enhancements and fixes, this release features DSSI and native VSTi plug-in support.

  •  16 Feb 2008 15:31

Release Notes: Native Linux VST and DSSI plug-in support is being introduced. User configurable keyboard shortcuts are now available. JACK server auto-start and clip fade-in/out relative resizing were added. Auto time-stretching and MIDI input quantize are now optional. A major plug-in infrastructure rewrite was done, featuring seamless plug-in drag-and-drop. A couple of bugs were fixed.

  •  05 Jan 2008 13:04

Release Notes: Audio time-stretching was added. Multi-selection is now featured on the files widget. The audio metronome and audition/pre-listening player are now implemented. Options for separate dedicated I/O ports for player, metronome, and control are now in place. A new option to drag-and-drop audio files into the same track was added. Instrument definition note keys and controller names are now in effect. Mouse-wheel horizontal scrolling is now accessible. A new auto-backward transport option was added. Clip resizing is now possible by dragging left or right edges, with a time-stretch option. Several serious bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Audio and MIDI export is now fully implemented and accessible from the Track menu. MIDI editor tools to quantize, transpose, normalize, randomize, and resize selected events have been introduced. Several nasty bugs and audible glitches affecting audio looping and MIDI file capture and recording were fixed. MIDI editor instances were made more consistent and stable, and visual update feedback was improved.

Release Notes: Among several other bugfixes and assorted feature enhancements, the long due MIDI clip editor is now functional and officially integrated.


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