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Version of Qtractor

Release Notes: Several bugfixes and feature enhancements were made, especially regarding whole user interactivity while dragging, moving, and pasting content over the main track and MIDI editor views, where keyboard arrow keys are now also effective. A transport option was added to continue playback past the end. Tool/child windows size and position persistence has been fixed. MIDI (pass-)through has been finally implemented. Immediate session loop setting is accessible from the main menu.

Other releases

  •  22 Mar 2014 23:26

    Release Notes: A plugin automation high resolution option has been added. A generic plugin dialog 'About' page is now featured. A native desktop environment dialog option was also added. Follow play-head slack time was introduced. MIDI RPN/NRPN 14-bit controllers input has been fixed. There were several other improvements and fixes.

    •  02 Jan 2014 02:26

      Release Notes: A session auto-save option has been added. Non-dedicated audio output options have been added to all MIDI plugin chains. Track export now allows for multiple audio/MIDI output buses. A new thumb-(over)view has been added to the MIDI clip editor windows (a.k.a. piano-roll). General MIDI RPN/NRPN 14-bit controller support is now being introduced. Copy and paste now preserve clip names. Many other bugfixes and improvements have been added.

      •  08 Oct 2013 06:33

        Release Notes: Automation curve editing and clip selection was extended. An LV2 UI resize feature support has been added. Aux-sends inserts on input audio buses has been fixed. MIDI editing overlapped event velocity/values is now accessible. Accidental export muting and/or freezing is now fixed. Several other bugfixes and minor and delicate features have been added.

        •  19 Jul 2013 00:27

          Release Notes: A new tool on Edit/Insert, "Remove range with options", has been added. LV2 plugin Dyn-Manifest support is now silently supported. A Time, Frames, or BBT display format option is now in place through context menus. Audio track export has been fixed with regard to including automation effects. Clip/event selection of clear/reset is now consistent. A few less critical or innocuous fixes and/or improvements have also been added.

          •  06 Jun 2013 22:36

            Release Notes: NSM (Non Session Management) support has been added. Audio buses plugin state restoration and MIDI channel file merge/export have been fixed. A MIDI editor re-scale mode is now featured. A German translation is being introduced.


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