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QtiPlot is a clone of Origin for data analysis and scientific plotting.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Nov 2011 09:04

    Release Notes: Improved support for the Dock menu on Mac OS X. Improved restoration of statistic tables. Improved handling of error messages in the Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter. Improved plotting of 2D layers with shared axes. Improved error bar handling when plotting a table column selection. A fix for a crash when opening old projects containing spectrograms. A fix for duplication of plots with respect to the synchronization of scales. This release fixes speed issues in matrices and removed size matrix limitations. It fixes export of the minus sign to LaTeX. It fixes a possible crash when resetting the default options via the preferences dialog.

    •  06 Sep 2011 10:39

      Release Notes: The import of Origin projects was improved. Drawing of line symbols was improved and the possibility to use tabulator in 2D plot legends was added. Clipping of top/bottom axis labels in 2D plots was fixed. Saving of major ticks for 2D plot axes was fixed. Restoring of 3D plots was fixed. Export to SVG of texts in 3D plots was fixed. Differentiation from table columns was fixed (the new plot was empty). Paste selection in tables was fixed.

      •  17 Jul 2011 05:27

        Release Notes: The import of OriginLab projects was highly improved: all versions from Origin 4.1 to 8.5.1 are now supported. Import of Excel files was improved. The matrix resample dialog was improved: now it is possible to freely resize a matrix. Support for 2D FFTs was added to the Python scripting engine. Handling of linear color maps was improved. The image profile tool was improved by adding the possibility to average over several pixels. The 3D plot dialog was improved by adding the possibility to view and modify axis rotation. Support was added for the regular modified cylindrical Bessel functions.

        •  09 May 2011 14:50

          Release Notes: Waterfall plots were completely refactored, and now it is possible to display multiple waterfall plots in the same plot window. The script window has been improved. There is a new integration dialog. An image preview in the export dialog has been added. The ability to compress images exported to the TIFF format has been added. Improved internal handling of date/time values. Improved table sorting. An improved import ASCII dialog so that all lines containing a custom string can be ignored. The ability to enable/disable the display of gaps in 2D plot curves generated from table columns with empty cells.

          •  18 Mar 2011 16:15

            Release Notes: This release brings support for the import of Origin 8.5 projects and fixes some major bugs.

            Recent comments

            16 Feb 2006 11:43 ion_vasilief

            Re: Grace/xmgr?
            Hi and thanks for the suggestion,
            Of course I've heard about Grace, never used it though. I will take a deeper look!


            14 Feb 2006 12:27 gvy

            Ion, did you see Grace ( or its predecessor xmgr?
            Nice projects with *very* solid backend, maybe it would be worth to reuse the backend with new frontend.


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