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  •  04 Jan 2014 11:55

    Release Notes: The LaTeX reference manual and some translations have been updated. Some requests from users have been implemented and two spelling dictionaries have been added.

    •  30 Oct 2013 21:38

      Release Notes: A wizard, with theme preview, to quickly edit a beamer presentation has been added. Texmaker now supports LuaLaTeX, and new "Quick build" modes for standards operations with bib(la)tex have been added. UTF-8 encoding without bom is now detected, and a link to the English wikibook about LaTeX has been added to the "Help" menu.

      •  30 Aug 2013 16:55

        Release Notes: Support for the 0.24 poppler version has been added, and a compilation problem on ARM architecture has been fixed. Dragging and dropping image files in the editor is now supported.

        •  30 Jul 2013 12:46

          Release Notes: The Windows and Mac OS X Lion versions are now compiled with Qt 5.1 and poppler 0.22. Find-and-replace actions can now be applied to a selection only. A tool that converts source files to Unicode has been added. Users can now check if a new version is available via a new option in the "Help" menu.

          •  09 May 2013 11:33

            Release Notes: Mac OS X high DPI support has been added to the PDF viewer, the symbols, and almost all of the icons. The part/chapter/section tags are now bold in the editor. On Linux, the session file is now stored in the standard ./cache directory instead of the /tmp folder. New translations have been added.

            •  16 Mar 2013 13:47

              Release Notes: A potential crash when synctex sent a bad page number has been fixed. The -Pdownload35 option has been added to the default dvips command for MiKTeX users on Windows.

              •  08 Mar 2013 22:07

                Release Notes: The code has been ported to Qt5 (but this version can also be compiled with Qt4). From this version, Texmaker will be principally developed under Qt5. A keyboard shortcut has been added to toggle between the master and the current document. A specific "quick build" command has been added for the .asy files: the asymptote figures can now be compiled and displayed with the F1 shortcut.

                •  04 Nov 2012 20:17

                  Release Notes: A bug in the shortcut of the "quick build" command has been fixed.

                  •  01 Nov 2012 12:38

                    Release Notes: A wizard was added for exporting the current document to HTML or ODT format. The system PATH can now be completed in the configuration dialog. A "quick build" mode was added for XeLaTeX. Some keyboard shortcut bugs have been fixed.

                    •  21 Aug 2012 15:23

                      Release Notes: The internal PDF viewer has been widely improved. Users can now rotate pages, and choose to display one (in continuous or non-continuous mode) or two pages at the same time. A presentation mode has also been added. Capturing text is now supported for the regular expressions and a new option has been added to the command line which allows the insertion of a piece of code in the current document.


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