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Release Notes: This release adds over 100 functional improvements, updates WebKit to version 2.2.2 and libpng to version 1.5.10, and adds 30 improvements to documentation and tools.

Release Notes: This version introduces new features like Qt Quick 1.1 (with right-to-left support, improved image caching, and text input improvements: support for split-screen virtual keyboard, and Pinch Area to provide a declarative API for handling touch input) and the QML Shaders plugin (embed OpenGL shader effects in QML apps). There are also additional improvements for Symbian and a lot of bugfixes.

Release Notes: Many minor bugs were fixed. The first official release of Qt Quick is now also included.

  •  04 Mar 2009 15:22

Release Notes: The runtime performance of applications was improved. A new pluggable graphics system was introduced. QtBenchLib, a new performance benchmarking library, was added. The latest version of WebKit is provided. Proxy support was improved. A new debugger for the QtScript ECMA scripting engine was added. XSLT support for transformation of XML content into XML, HTML, or other text was added. Support for 64-bit development on Apple's Cocoa Framework was added. LGPL version 2.1 was added to the available licenses.

Release Notes: This release candidate includes all of the features and functionality slated for final release of Qt 4, and from now until launch, development efforts will be focused on addressing critical stability issues only.

Release Notes: This release includes database access, a greatly improved Qt Designer, the first official release of Qt Linguist, an improved international text display, a new component model, multiple monitor support, and many more new features.


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