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Release Notes: This Release Candidate is the last preview of 4.2 before the final release.

Release Notes: In addition to a significant number of improvements and performance optimizations, the technology preview unveils a wide range of new features for initial testing, including Graphics View, a powerful 2D graphics area for highly optimized graphics development; Desktop Services, a new group of features that provide consistent, user-preference-aware methods for accessing common desktop services, enabling tasks such as opening a Web page, file, folder, or email composer to be initiated from the desktop.

Release Notes: This release candidate includes all of the features and functionality slated for final release of Qt 4, and from now until launch, development efforts will be focused on addressing critical stability issues only.

Release Notes: This release includes improvements to the Qt 3 to 4 porting tool and supporting documentation, feature additions to Qt Designer including support for MDI and SDI modes and support for custom widgets, a new painting subsystem that allows device-independent rendering of pixel-exact images, an improved input method framework, and addition the of XP and Motif styles. Further additional improvements have also been made to the Qt3Support library.

Release Notes: This is the first feature-complete development release on the way to Qt 4.0.

Release Notes: An accessibility module with support for AT-SPI was added and improvements to all of the five new technologies were made. In particular Interview, Arthur, and Scribe were enhanced.

Release Notes: This is a preview of some of the Qt 4 libraries, not of the entire application development framework. Most notably, new versions of Qt Designer and Qt Linguist are not included. It is meant to be tested on a limited set of platforms only. Qt 4 still is in a very active state of development. Not everything is ready for prime time, and there are significant omissions. Most importantly, this Technology Preview is not meant to be used in production code or even for application development. Not all backwards compatibility functionality is in place yet, but you're able to write small programs.

Release Notes: This release introduces many new features as well as many improvements over the 3.2.x series. The 3.3 series is binary compatible with the 3.2.x series. Applications compiled for 3.2 will continue to run with 3.3.

Release Notes: This release includes database access, a greatly improved Qt Designer, the first official release of Qt Linguist, an improved international text display, a new component model, multiple monitor support, and many more new features.


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